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Gauri Puja ( Kit )

Gauri Puja is worship of Shakti Swaroopaa ma Parvati. This worship is done for good wishes, family fortune and happiness. Usually Mangla Gauri fast is kept falling in all Tuesday of Shravan. This worship is done on the fourth and fifth day of Ganesh Chaturthi that’s why its importance is more increased. All fast in Shravan will increase the happiness and good luck of a person. Due to good luck this fast is mainly for newly married women, and married women. The purpose of fasting and worship is to make her husband and child happy life and wish him for there long age.

Method of Gauri Puja

For Mangla Gauri fast start with morning shower etc. After that lay white red cloth on stool. Make nine planets with rice on white cloth and create Shodash Matayen with wheat on red cloth. To established Ganesh ji put rice and flower on one side of a stool, on ther side put wheat for establishing Kalash. Before starting this Puja first we worship Ganesh ji. In worship of Ganesh we devote Rowley, Molly, sandalwood, vermilion, betel nut, clove, food, rice, flowers, cardamom, Belptr, fruit etc. to Ganesh ji. Thereafter kalash pujan is also done similar to Ganesh Puja.Than worship is done for nine planets and sixteen mothers. All devoted material is given to Brahmin.

To Mangla Gauri statue do water, milk, curd washing, clothing etc. than clad Rowley, sandalwood, cork, Menhndi and putting mascara. Mother is decorated with sixteen makeup items. Sixteen types of flower foliage garland is devoted, than devote Nuts, nut, logo, rosemary, glass, combs and bangles.


Price: Rs 830.00

  • Gauri Puja Kit

    Hello punditji team based on the quality and experience of pandits prepared Gauri Puja kit and provides the materials. By our online services we can provide you experienced pandits for Gauri Puja worship.

    We are playing a leading role in providing a Gauri Puja content. Through our website we can meet all your religious needs. Through us you can also book online pandits. Based on Puja and worship these pandit are having high experience.

    Gauri Puja Samagri (Ingredients):

    Provided by us:
    • Supari
    • Laung
    • Roli
    • Rice
    • Chandan
    • Haldi Powder
    • Haldi Gath
    • Ganga Jal
    • Mishri
    • Gulab Jal
    • Oil
    • Shringaar Samagri

    • Dhoop
    • Kapoor
    • Ghee
    • Batti (Round)
    • Batti (Long)
    • Match Stick
    • Deepak
    • Agarbatti
    • Red Cloth
    • White Cloth
    • Sindoor
    • Moong
    • Peeli Sarson

    • Kesar
    • Panchmeva
    • Elaichi
    • Dona
    • Moli
    • Itra
    • Abheer
    • Gulal
    • Wheat
    • Honey
    • Gud


    To be arranged by client:
    • Paan ka Patta
    • Mango Leaves
    • Panchamrit
    • Fruits
    • Sweets
    • Nariyal
    • Flowers
    • Dhurwa
    • Dhoti Gamcha
    • Saree Blouse
    • Phool Mala

    • Aasan
    • Paata
    • Plates / Bowls / Spoons
    • Photo / Murti of Gauri Maa
    • Kalash
    • Panch patra
  • Gauri Puja Aarti

    Jai ambe gauri, mayya jai shyama gauri
    Tumko nish-din dhyavat, hari brahma shivji
    Jai ambe gauri

    Maang sindoor virajat, tiko mrig-mad ko
    Ujjwal se dou naina, chandra vadan niko
    Jai ambe gauri

    Kanak samaan kalewar, raktaambar raaje
    Rakt pushp gal-mala, kanthan par saaje
    Jai ambe gauri

    Kanan kundal shobhit, naas-agre moti
    Kotik chandra divakar, sum rajat jyoti
    Jai ambe gauri

    Shumbh ni-shumbh vidare, mahisha sur ghati
    Dhumra-vilochan naina, nish-din- mad mati
    Jai ambe gauri

    Chandh mundh sangh-haare, shonit beej hare
    Madhu kaitabh dou maare, sur bhe heen kare
    Jai ambe gauri

    Brahmani rudrani, tum kamla rani
    Aagam nigam bakhani, tum shiv patrani
    Jai ambe gauri

    Chon-sath yogini gavat, nritya karat bhairon
    Baajat taal mridanga, aur baajat damaroomaroo
    Jai ambe gauri

    Tum ho jag ki maata, tum hi ho bharta
    Bhakto ki dukh harata, sukh sampati karata
    Jai ambe gauri

    Bhuja chaar ati shobit, var mudra dhaari
    Man vaanchit phal pavat, sevat nar naari
    Jai ambe gauri

    Kanchan thaal virajat, agar kapoor baati
    Shri maal-ketu me rajat, kotik ratan jyoti
    Jai ambe gauri

    Shri ambe-ji-ki aaarti, jo koi nar gaave
    Kahat shivanand swami, sukh sampati paave
    Jai ambe gauri

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